1. Which of the following muscle has attachment on the capsule of hip
joint ?
a. Sartorius
b. Rectus femoris
c. Vastus laterlais
d. Vastus medialis
Ans (b)

2.In Kent Repertory of Homoeopathic Materia Medica, the rubric
“Apoplexy” is given in which of the following chapter ?
a. Abdomen
b. Vertigo
c. Generalities
d. Head
Ans (c)

3.Foot drop is caused by ?
a. Injury to tibial nerve
b. Injury to popliteal nerve
c. Injury to flexor digitorum longus
d. Injury to common peroneal nerve
Ans (d)

4.Which of the following remedy is given after Arnica in traumatic
affection of ovaries ?
a. Bellis perennis
b. Conium maculatum
c. Psorinum
d. Hamamelis
Ans (c)

5.What amount of reduced haemoglobin in blood causes cyanosis ?
a. Between 1 – 2 gm%
b. Between 2 – 3 gm%
c. Between 3 – 4 gm%
d. More than 5 gm%
Ans (d)

6.In females, which of the following blood cells contain ‘Davidson bodies’
a. Eosinophils
b. Basophils
c. Neutrophils
d. All of the above
Ans (c)

7.Blood pressure is defined as the product of ?
a. Cardiac output × Peripheral resistance
b. Systolic pressure × Pulse rate
c. Diastolic pressure × Pulse rate
d. Pulse pressure × Pulse rate
Ans (a)

8.The sodium potassium pump is an example of ?
a. Active transport
b. Passive transport
c. Facilitated diffusion
d. Osmosis
Ans (a)

9.In which subsection of Boenninghausen’s therapeutic pocket book, the
rubric “Qualmishness” is given ?
a. Hunger & Thirst
b. Mouth & Fauces
c. Nausea & Vomiting
d. Eructations
Ans (c)
10.Coagulative necrosis is NOT seen in ?
a. Myocardial infarction
b. Tuberculosis
c. Thermal injury
d. Zenker degeneration necrosis
Ans (b)
11.“Muscae volitantes” is found in which chapter of Kent’s Repertory ?
a. Mind
b. Vision
c. Eye
d. Generalities
Ans (b)
12.Oral contraceptives give protection against all of the following,
a. Rheumatoid arthritis
b. Endometrial cancer
c. Hepatic adenoma
d. Benign breast disease
Ans (b)
13.Among the following Mammography findings, which one is NOT a
feature of Breast cancer ?
a. Asymmetric thickening of breast tissue
b. A solid mass with or without Stellate features
c. Clustered micro calcification
d. Macro calcification
Ans (c)
14.In which of the following Kent’s observation is the Antidotal
relationship of remedies called for ?
a. First
b. Third
c. Ninth
d. Eleventh
Ans (a)
15.During which action of medicine does Homoeopathic aggravation take
place ?
a. Primary
b. Secondary
c. Alternating
d. Tertiary
Ans (a)
16.Drug power of class III of old method of preparation of mother tincture
is ?
a. 1/ 2
b. 1/ 6
c. 1/ 10
d. 1/ 100
Ans (b)
17.Which of the following stain is considered the best stain for cervical
cytology ?
a. Leishman
b. Giemsa
c. Pap
d. H & E
Ans (c)
18.Which of the following miasm was described by Hahnemann as “Hydraheaded” ?
a. Psora
b. Sycosis
c. Syphilis
d. Pseudo-psora
Ans (a)
19.“Children get sick in the evening when sitting before an open coal fire
or falling asleep there”. This symptom belong to which remedy ?
a. Glonoine
b. Natrum carb
c. Ferrum met
d. Belladonna
Ans (a)
20.The maximum blood alcohol level allowed for driving in INDIA is ?
a. 20 mg%
b. 30 mg%
c. 50 mg%
d. 80 mg%
Ans (b)
21.The test to differentiate Iron deficiency anemia from Anemia of chronic
disease is ?
a. Serum iron
b. Serum ferritin
d. Transferrin saturation
Ans (b)
22.Most common viral cause of Gastritis is ?
a. H. pylori
b. Cytomegalovirus
c. Hepatitis A
d. Enterovirus
Ans (b)

23.What is the peak level of LH required for Ovulation ?
a. 45 ng/ml
b. 55 ng/ml
c. 65 ng/ml
d. 75 ng/ml
Ans (d)
24.Bishop’s score includes all EXCEPT ?
a. Head station
b. Status of membranes
c. Cervical effacement
d. Cervical consistency
Ans (b)
25.According to William Boericke, this remedy can be given when
Pulsatilla fails in school girls ?
a. Calcarea phos
b. Natrum mur
c. Kali carb
d. Calcarea carb
Ans (d)
26.Flail chest is defined as ?
a. Blunt myocardial injury
b. Pericardial tamponade
c. Injury to one rib
d. Three or more rib fractures in two or more places
Ans (d)
27.Which of the following structure does not pierce sclera ?
a. Optic nerve
b. Optic artery
c. Ciliary nerve
d. Choroid veins
Ans (b)
28.A patient on routine X-ray of cervical spine was seen having an extra
rib. The most probable artery which can be compressed is ?
a. Subclavian artery
b. Vertebral artery
c. Carotid artery
d. Basilar artery
Ans (a)
29.Which of the following is used as an Antidote in glass powder poisoning
a. Bulky food
b. Activated charcoal
c. Demulscent
d. Chelating agent
Ans (a)
30.Who among the following is Author of the work of “Sensation as if” ?
a. O. M. Drake
b. H. A. Roberts
c. H. Perkins
d. E. B. Nash
Ans (b)
31.Winging of Scapula is due to ?
a. Dorsal scapular nerve palsy
b. Supra scapular nerve palsy
c. Long thoracic nerve palsy
d. Musculocutaneous nerve palsy
Ans (c)
32.Cina follows this remedy in intermittent fever ?
a. Ipecac
b. Capsicum
c. Cinchona off
d. Natrum mur
Ans (b)
33.Who among the following perceived the Law of Similars prior to
discovery of Homoeopathy ?
a. Stahl
b. Sydenham
c. Morgagni
d. Fracastoro
Ans (a)
34.Which remedy is most suitable for complaints from straining, especially
the flexor tendons ?
a. Rhustox
b. Bellis per
c. Ruta graveolens
d. Arnica Montana
Ans (c)
35.In which year was “The Times of Remedies and Moon Phases” by Dr.
Boger published ?
a. 1900
b. 1906
c. 1915
d. 1931
Ans (b)
36.Granulation tissue appears due to ?
a. Thrombosed capillaries
b. Chronic inflammatory cells
c. Budding ends of capillaries
d. Necrosis
Ans (c)
37.Apoptosis is ?
a. Reversible cell injury
b. Irreversible cell injury
c. Programmed cell death
d. Deranged cell metabolism
Ans (c)
38.Zero dose of Polio vaccine is given ?
a. At birth
b. Before giving DPT vaccine
c. When child is having diarrhea
d. When child is having Polio
Ans (a)
39.In which chapter of BBCR, the rubric “Wounds, gunshot” is given ?
a. Skin & exterior body
b. Sensation and complaints in general
c. Head
d. Conditions of aggravations and amelioration in general
Ans (a)
40.Natural history of disease is best established by ?
a. Descriptive epidemiology
b. Cohort studies
c. Case control studies
d. Ecological studies
Ans (b)
41.Breech with extended legs is also known as ?
a. Flexed breech
b. Frank breech
c. Footling presentation
d. Knee presentation
Ans (b)
42.Which of the following is the most important indicator of commencing
amelioration or aggravation in a patient ?
a. Condition of local pathology
b. State of mind and whole demeanor of the patient
c. Appearance of skin eruptions
d. Increase in ESR levels
Ans (b)
43.Gold standard investigation in the diagnosis of a case of Endometriosis
is ?
a. Ultrasound
b. MRI
c. Laparoscopy
d. Color Doppler
Ans (c)
44.Which of the following remedy has been recommended by Hahnemann
in case of benumbed state of nerves in one sided diseases ?
a. Opium
b. Valeriana
c. Stramonium
d. Psorinum
Ans (a)
45.All are features of COPD, EXCEPT ?
a. Smoker’s cough
b. Dyspnoea
c. Haemoptysis
d. Clubbing of nails
Ans (d)
46.Mother tinctures are prepared by using which type of Alcohol ?
a. Absolute alcohol
b. Strong alcohol
c. Rectified spirit 40 OP
d. Rectified spirit 60 OP
Ans (b)
47.Which of the following branch of Pharmacy deals with the repetition of
dose ?
a. Pharmacopollaxy
b. Pharmacognosy
c. Pharmacopraxy
d. Pharmaconomy
Ans (a)
48.Mallory bodies are composed of ?
a. Pre-keratin
b. Neurofibrils
c. Microtubules
d. Vimentin
Ans (a)
49.The diagnosis of a patient presenting with seizures, mental retardation
sebaceous adenoma is ?
a. Tuberous sclerosis
b. Hypothyroidism
c. Toxoplasmosis
d. Neurofibromatosis
Ans (a)
50.Wrongly matched pair is ?
a. Electric alternans – Cardiac tamponade
b. Pulsus alternans – Myocardial infarction
c. Wellen’s syndrome – Unstable angina
d. Infective endocarditis – Rose spots
Ans (d)

51.The most frequently encountered Neoplasm of the Anterior
mediastinum in adults is ?
a. Lymphoma
b. Mediastinal granuloma
c. Thymoma
d. Germ cell tumor
Ans (c)
52.The following question consists of two statements, one labeled as the
‘Assertion (S) & the other as ‘Reason (R)”. You are to examine the two
statements carefully & select the most appropriate answer.
Assertion (S): During drug proving, all salads and medicinal herb soups
should be taken regularly.
Reason (R) : Diet should be purely nutritious & of simple character during
drug proving.
a. Both S & R are individually true & R is the correct explanation of S.
b. Both S & R are individually true & R is NOT the correct explanation of S.
c. S is false & R is true
d. S is true & R is false
Ans (c)
53.Charcot’s triad is seen in ?
a. Cholangitis
b. Appendicitis
c. Acute gastritis
d. Peptic ulcer
Ans (a)
54.The characteristic chromosomal abnormality found in cases of Down’s
syndrome is ?
a. Trisomy 21
b. Trisomy 18
c. Trisomy 15
d. Trisomy 13
Ans (a)
55.Which of the following is considered as Reference protein ?
a. Milk
b. Meat
c. Fish
d. Egg
Ans (d)
56.Which of the following author’s Card repertory is primarily based on
Kent’s repertory ?
a. Marcos Jaminez
b. Margaret Tyler
c. P Sankran
d. W Boericke
Ans (b)
57.Which of the following is a NOT a greenhouse gas ?
a. Carbon monoxide
b. Nitrous oxide
c. Methane
d. Water vapor
Ans (a)
58.Which is the most suitable remedy for profuse watering from eyes after
extraction of cinders and other foreign bodies ?
a. Aconitum napellus
b. Sulphuric acid
c. Ledum pal
d. Crotalus horridus
Ans (a)
59.The earliest ECG change in Acute myocardial infarction ?
a. Development of Q wave
b. Diminution in size of R wave
c. ST segment deviation
d. T wave inversion
Ans (c)
60.A previously healthy child of age 2 years presented with colicky pain
and vomiting & between the episodes, the child was passing Red currant
jelly stool. On examination, the child was dehydrated with abdominal
distension and had a palpable mass on the right upper quadrant of
abdomen. The most likely diagnosis in this case is ?
a. Congenital pyloric stenosis
b. Intussusception
c. Ischemic colitis
d. Appendicitis
Ans (b)
61.Which of the following condition occurs during secondary action ?
a. Stupefied sleep caused by Opium
b. Person heated after violent exercise
c. Sluggishness & drowsiness after use of strong coffee
d. Heat produced by drinking wine
Ans (c)
62.Match the following :
I. J T Kent a. Doctrine of signatures
II. Horace b. Series of Degrees
III. Paracelsus c. Aude Sapere
a. I – a, II – b, III – c,
b. I – b, II – c, III – a,
c. I – c, II – a, III – b,
d. I – a, II – c, III – b,
Ans (b)
63.Single flask method of preparation of potencies is called ?
a. Korsakovian attenuations
b. Hahnemannian attenuations
c. Jenchen’s attenuations
d. Skinner’s attenuations
Ans (a)
64.“Sleeps with one leg drawn up and the other stretched out”. This
position of sleep is seen in which remedy ?
a. Rhododendron
b. Platina
c. Stannum met
d. Pulsatilla
Ans (c)
65.For preparation of mother solution in Fifty millesimal scale of potencies,
the ratio of alcohol to water and strength of alcohol is ?
a. 1 : 2, 92% v/v
b. 1 : 2, 99.4 v/v
c. 1 : 4, 70% v/v
d. 1 : 4, 95% v/v
Ans (d)
66.In gray hepatisation of lobar pneumonias, alveoli are filled with ?
a. Fibrin
b. Organism
c. RBC
d. WBC
Ans (a)
67.Match List I & List II & select the correct answer using the codes given
below ?
List I (Repertory) List II (Gradation of medicines)
I. Robin Murphy’s Repertory a. – 1
II. Boericke Repertory b. – 3
III. J H Clarke Repertory c. – 4
IV. Synthetic repertory d. – 2
a. I –b, II – d, III – c, IV – a
b. I –b, II – a, III – d, IV – c
c. I –c, II – a, III – d, IV – b
d. I –b, II – d, III – a, IV – c
Ans (d)
68.The Brown sequard syndrome is characterized by ?
a. Ipsilateral loss of pain
b. Contrlateral loss of position sense
c. Contralateral loss of vibration sense
d. Contralateral loss of temperature
Ans (d)
69.A positive Nikolsky sign will be found in case of ?
a. Lichen planus
b. Psoriasis
c. Pemphigus
d. SLE
Ans (c)
70.The visualization of “clue cells” in a stained smear of vaginal discharge
is highly suggestive of ?
a. Gardnerella vaginalis
b. Trichomoniasis
c. Candiasis
d. Chlamydial infection
Ans (a)
71.Effort during normal respiration is due to ?
a. Respiratory air passages
b. Alveolar air spaces
c. Creating negative pleural pressure
d. Lung elasticity
Ans (d)
72.Which one of the following is the most preferred cut for episiotomy ?
a. J shaped
b. Median
c. Medio lateral
d. Lateral
Ans (c)
73.Disinfection of urine is an example of ?
a. Pre current disinfection
b. Terminal disinfection
c. Concurrent disinfection
d. Sterilization
Ans (a)
74.A patient present with symptom of collapse, extreme coldness and
weakness. Cold perspiration on the forehead was very marked. There is
history of severe vomiting, purging and cramps in extremities. Patient
had thirst for cold water with craving for fruits, juicy & cold things.
Which one the following remedy is indicated ?
a. Cuprum met
b. Carbo veg
c. Camphor
d. Veratrum album
Ans (d)
75.A severely anemic patient complaints of paralysis of extensors of
forearm and progressive emaciation. Patient has a fear of being
assassinated. There is a distinct blue line observed along the margins of
gum with obstinate constipation and abdominal colic. Which is the most
suitable remedy ?
a. Alumina
b. Plumbum met
c. Platina
d. Argentums met
Ans (b)
76.Concentric circles of similarity, as suggested by Joslin, is mentioned in
which of the following Repertory?
a. Kent’s Repertory
b. Boeninghausen’s Therapeutic Pocket Book
c. Boger Boenninhausen Characterstics & Repertory
d. Knerr’s Repertory
Ans (b)
77.Hyperextension of Hip Joints may induce Abdominal pain in
a. Pelvic appendicitis
b. Post-ileal appendicitis
c. Retrocaecal appendicitis
d. Chronic cholecystitis
Ans (c)
78.Permanent impairment of finger print pattern occurs in cases of
a. Leprosy
b. Rickets
c. Eczema
d. Acromegaly
Ans (a)
79.Earlest external sign of autolysis is seen in
a. Cornea
b. Conjunctiva
c. Sclera
d. Iris
Ans (a)
80.Renin is secreted by
a. Juxtaglomerular apparatus
b. Collecting ducts
c. Loop of henle
d. Proximal tubule
Ans (a)
81.The remedy for chronic complaints that date back to septic conditions is
a. Tarentula cubensis
b. Pyrogenium
c. Arsenic album
d. Variolinum
Ans (b)
82.“Keratoderma blenorrhagicum” is characteristically associated with
a. Reactive arthritis
b. Ankylosing spondylitis
c. S.L.E.
d. Rheumatoid arthiritis
Ans (a)
83.Which among the following is NOT the feature of Fracture of neck of
a. Internal rotation of leg
b. Shortening of leg
c. Tenderness in groin
d. Active straight leg raising not possible
84.A patient complains of pain in epigatrium, worse at 3 am, According to
Boeninnghausen’s schema of symptomatology, this symptom complex
has elements of
a. Ubi & cur
b. Quomado & Quando
c. Ubi & Quando
d. Cur & Quibis auxillis
85.In one-sided mental and emotional diseases, transient alleviation of
psychical disease with emergence of corporeal symptom occurs during
a. Acute mania
b. Primary stage of syphilis
c. Isopathic mode of treatment
d. Lucid intrerval
86.Total number of drugs in the “Concordances” section of Boger
Boeninnghausen’s Characteristics & Repertory are
a. 125
b. 141
c. 362
d. 464
Ans (a)
87.Which salt was discovered by Glauber in 1658 & is named as ‘Sal
a. Sanicula
b. Nat. sulph
c. Mag. Carb
d. Nat. phos
88.Leprosy commonly spreads by
a. Milk
b. Droplet
c. Water
d. Mosquito
89.Absence of pain and muscular mobility, especially in muscles of
expression and of locomotion is an indication of
a. Opium
b. Stramonium
c. Lac can
d. Belladonna
90.Which is NOT transmitted via breast milk?
a. Hepatitis A
b. Hepatitis B
c. Hepatitis C
d. Hepatitis D
91.All are effects of Sympathetic stimulation EXCEPT
a. Increased contractility of heart
b. Increased refractory period
c. Increased heart rate
d. Increased conduction velocity
92.Right coronary artery supplies all EXCEPT
a. Apex of heart
b. Interventricular septum
c. Interatrial septum
d. S.A. Node
Ans (a)
93.In which of the following of B.B.C.R. the rubric “Carphology” is given?
a. Extremities
b. Mind
c. Sensations & compalaints in general
d. Conditions of Aggravation and Amelioration in general
Ans (c)
94.CSF pressure is mainly regulated by
a. Venous pressure
b. Cerebral blood flow
c. Rate of CSF formation
d. Rate of CSF absorption
Ans (d)
95.Histologicalstructures present in cornea consists of all EXCEPT
a. Corneal epithelium
b. Anterior elastin lamina
c. Posterior elastin lamina
d. Inferior elastin lamina
Ans (d)
96.Constipation of infants during dentition is characteristic of
a. Silicea
b. Magnesia mur
c. Sanicula
d. Causticum
Ans (b)
97.Murphy’s sign is positive in
a. Acute cholecystitis
b. Pancreatitis
c. Acute cholangitis
d. Acute appendicitis
Ans (a)
98.After a minor head injury, a young patient was unable to close his left
eye and had drooling of saliva from left angle of mouth. He is suffering
from which nerve injury?
a. IIIrd
b. Vth
c. VIIth
d. IIIrd and VIIth
Ans (c)
99.Foetal pole and cardiac activity can be detected by transvaginal
sonography by:
a. 6 weeks
b. 7 weeks
c. 10 weeks
d. 12 weeks
Ans (a)

100.A 45 years old woman presented with menorrhagia and
dysmennorrhoea. Examination revealed an enlarged uterus to about 12
weeks size, which was soft & tender. The possible diagnosis is
a. PID
b. Adenomyosis
c. Endometriosis
d. Uterine fibroids
Ans (b)