Relationship of Remedies from Allen’s Keynotes





After Hepar in furuncle; after Acon, and Bry. in pleurisy, when a pressing sensation remains in affected side impeding respiration.


It antidotes anaesthetic vapors (Amyl); fumes of charcoal and gas; Opium and Stramonium.

Cider vinegar antidotes Carbolic acid.

Follows well: after Cinchona, in haemorrhage; after Digitalis, in dropsy.

It aggravates: the symptoms of Arn., Bell., Lach., Mer.; especially the headache from Belladonna.



Evening and night, pains are insupportable; in a warm room; when rising from bed; lying on affected side (Hep., Nux m.).

AMELIORATION – In the open air (Alum., Mag. c, Puis., Sab.).


Complementary: to Coffea in fever sleeplessness, intolerance of pain; to Arnica in traumatism; to Sulphur in all cases. Rarely indicated in fevers which bring out eruptions.

Aconite is the acute of Sulphur, and both precedes and follows it in acute inflammatory conditions.


Relation. Similar: to, Caul. and Puls. in uterine and rheumatic affections; to, Agar., Lil., Sep.

Aggravation. During menstruation: the more profuse the flow the greater the suffering.


Similar: to, Aloe, Coll., Ign., Mur. ac, Nux, Sulph., in haemorrhoids.

After Coll. has improved piles, Aesc. often cures.

Useful after Nux and Sulph. have improved, but failed to cure piles.

AGGRAVATION – Motion; backache and soreness, by walking and stooping; inhaling cold air.


Similar: to, Ant. c, Ars., Cal., Sanic.

AGGRAVATION – After eating or drinking; after vomiting; after stool; after spasm.


Similar: to, Act., Cal., Can. Ind., Hyos., Kali p., Lach., Nux, Op., Stram., in delirium of alcoholism; to, Myg., Tar., Zinc, in chorea.

 AGGRAVATION- After eating; after coitus; cold air; mental application; before a thunder-storm (Phos., Psor.).


Calad. and Selen. follow well after Agnus in weakness of sexual organs or impotence.



Complementary: Phos., Puls., Thuja.

Compatible: before, Cal. and Sil. in polypus.

Similar: to, Euph., but coryza and lachrymation are opposite.

Bad effects from getting wet (Rhus).

 AGGRAVATION – Predominantly in the evening and in warm room (Puls. —in open air, Euph.).

 AMELIORATION – In cold room and OPEN AIR (Puls.).


Like Sulphur in. many chronic diseases with abdominal plethora and congestion of portal circulation; develops suppressed eruptions.

Similar: to, Am. m., Gamb., Nux, Pod.

AGGRAVATION – Early morning; sedentary life; HOT, DRY WEATHER; after eating or drinking; standing or walking.

AMELIORATION – Cold water; cold weather; discharge of flatus and stool.


Complementary: to, Bryonia.

Follows; Bry., Lach., Sulph.

Alumina is the chronic of Bryonia.

Similar: to, Bar. c, Con., in ailments of old people. 

AGGRAVATION – In cold air; during winter; while sitting; FROM EATING POTATOES; after eating soups; on alternate days; AT NEW AND FULL MOON

AMELIORATION – Mild summer weather; from warm drinks; WHILE EATING (Psor.); in wet weather (Caust.).

Alumina is one of the chief antidotes for lead poisoning; painter’s colic; ailments from lead.


Similar: to, Act., Asaf., Coca, Ign., Mosch., Phos., Val.

AGGRAVATION- Warm drinks, warm room; music; lying down; reading or talking aloud; the presence of many people; after waking.


After eating; cold air; cold food and drinks; rising from bed.



It antidotes, poisoning with Rhus and stings of insects.

Affects the right side most.

Inimical: to, Lachesis.

 AGGRAVATION – Cold, wet weather; wet poultices; from washing; during menses.

 AMELIORATION – Lying on abdomen (Acet. ac.); on painful side (Puls.); in dry weather.


Followed: by, Ant. c, Phos., Puls., Sanic.


Similar: to, Bell., Cac, Coca, Fer., Glon., Lach.

AGGRAVATION – Mental or physical exertion. 

Acts promptly by inhalation; resuscitates persons sinking under anaesthetics.

Crude drug chiefly palliative; must be repeated as patient becomes accustomed to it; IS CURATIVE in the stronger higher potencies.

The cure more frequently depends upon the strength of the potency than many who have not put it to the curative test imagine.


Compare: Rhus r., Rhus t. and Rhus v.

Symptoms are prone to go from right to left (Lyc).

Anacardium follows well: after Lyc. and Puls.

Anacardium follows, and is followed by Platina.


Similar: to, Ars., Carb. ac, Lach. Sec, Pyr., in malignant and septic conditions.

Compare: Euphor. in the terrible pains of cancer, carbuncle or erysipelas when Ars. or Anth. fail to amel.


 Complementary: Squilla. 

Similar: to, Bry., Ipec, Lye, Puls., in gastric complaints.

 Follows well: after, Ant. c, Puls., Mer., Sulph.

AGGRAVATION – After eating; cold baths; acids or sour wine; AFTER HEAT OF SUN OR FIRE; extremes of cold, or heat.

AMELIORATION – In the open air; during rest; after a warm bath.


Similar: to, Lycopodium; but spasmodic motion of alas is replaced by dilated nostrils; to Veratrum, both have diarrhoea, colic, vomiting, coldness and craving for acids; to Ipecac, but more drowsiness from defective respiration; nausea, but > after vomiting.

When lungs seem to fail, patient becomes sleepy, cough declines or ceases, it supplants Ipec.

For bad effects of vaccination when Thuja fails and Silicea is not indicated.

Before Silicea in dyspnoea from foreign bodies in the larynx or trachea; Puls, in suppressed gonorrhoea; Tereb. from damp basements.

Children not easily impressed when Ant. tart, seems indicated in coughs, require Hepar.

In spring and autumn, when damp weather commences, coughs of children get worse.

AGGRAVATION – In damp, cold weather; lying down at night; warmth of room, change of weather in spring (Kali s., Nat. s.).

AMELIORATION – Cold open air; sitting upright; expectorating; lying on right side (Tab.).


Complementary: Nat. mur.

Disagrees, when used either before or. after Rhus.

Ars. and Puls, follow Apis well.

Has cured scarlatina albuminuria after Canth., Dig., Hell, failed.

AGGRAVATION – After sleeping (Lach.); closed, especially warmed and heated “rooms are intolerable; from getting wet (Rhus), but better from washing or moistening the part in cold water.

AMELIORATION – Open air; cold water or cold bathing; uncovering; pains by coughing, walking or changing position; when sitting erect.


Similar: to, Acetic acid, Apis (no thirst), Ars., Cinch., Dig., in dropsical affections.

Blatta orientalis has cured bad cases of general dropsy, after Apis, Apoc. and Dig. failed. — Haynes.


Follows well: after, Alum.

Similar: to, Stan, in cough excited by laughing.

AGGRAVATION – Riding in a carriage (Coc.); when touched or pressed upon; talking, singing, reading aloud.


Natrum mur. for the bad effects of cauterizing with nitrate of silver.

Coffea increases nervous headache.

Boys’ complaints after using tobacco (Ars., Ver.).

Similar: to, Nat. m., Nit. ac, Lach., Aur., Cup.

After Ver.; Lyc. follows well in flatulent dyspepsia.

 AGGRAVATION- Cold food; cold air; eating sugar; ice cream; UNUSUAL MENTAL EXERTION.

AMELIORATION – Open air; craves the wind blowing in his face; bathing with cold water.

The 200th or 1000th potency in watery solution as a topical application in ophthalmia neonatorum has relieved when the crude Silver nitrate failed.



Complementary: to, Acon., Hyper., Rhus.

Similar: to, FOR SORENESS AS IF BRUISED, Bap., China. Phyt., Pyr., Rhus, Ruta, Staph.

Arnica follows well: after, Aeon., Apis, Ham., Ipec, Ver.; is followed by Sul. ac.

In ailments from spirituous liquors or from charcoal vapors, Arn. is often indicated (Am. c, Bov.).

In spinal concussion, compare Hyper.

AGGRAVATION – From contact; motion (Rhus, Ruta).; from wine.

AMELIORATION – At rest; when lying down.


Complementary: Allium s., Carbo v., Phos., Pyr.

Ars. should be thought of in ailments from: CHEWING TOBACCO; ALCOHOLISM; sea bathing; sausage poisoning; dissecting wounds and anthrax poison; stings of venomous insects.

AGGRAVATION – After midnight (1 to 2 A.M. or P.M.); FROM COLD; COLD DRINKS OR FOOD; when lying on affected side or with the head low.

AMELIORATIONFROM HEAT IN GENERAL (reverse of Sec.) except headache, which is temporarily > by cold bathing (Spig.); burning pain > by heat.


Useful: after Hep. and Nit. ac. in dry, hoarse, croupy cough; after Caust. and Hep. in morning hoarseness and deafness, and in scarlatina.

Should not be given low or repeated often, as bad effects often follow.

The higher potencies most prompt and effective.


 Similar: to, Caust. in modalities; to Aloe, Arg. n., Mer., Pod., Puls., Sulph. ac. in stringy, shreddy stools.

AGGRAVATION – In cold and dry, or clear, fine weather (Caust.).

AMELIORATION – Washing face or bathing affected parts with cold water; in damp, wet weather (Caust.).


Similar: to, Murex, Sepia.

Compare: Carbo an., Con., Sil. in mammary cancer; Bell., Cal., Sulph. in epilepsy.


Aurum follows, and is followed well by Syphilinum.

Similar: to, Asaf., Cal., Plat., Sep., Tar., Ther., in bone, uterine disease.

AGGRAVATION – In cold air; when getting cold; while lying down; mental exertion; many complaints come on only in winter.

AMELIORATION – In warm air, when growing warm, in the morning, and during summer.


Similar: to, Arn., Ars., Bry., Gels., in the early stages of fever with malaise, nervousness, flushed face, drowsiness, and muscular soreness.

When Ars. has been improperly given or too often repeated in typhoid or typhus.

After Baptisia: Crot, Ham., Nit. ac. and Tereb. act well in haemorrhage of typhoid and typhus.


Frequently useful before or after Psor., Sulph and Tub.

After Bar. c, Psor. will often eradicate the constitutional tendency TO quinsy.

Similar: to, Alum., Cal. iod., Dul., Fluor. ac., Iod., Sil.

Incompatible: after Calc. in scrofulous affections.

AGGRAVATION When thinking of his disease (Oxal. ac.); lying on painful side; after meals; washing affected parts.


Complementary: Calcarea.

Belladonna is the acute of Calcarea, which is often required to complete a cure.

Similar: to, Acon., Bry., Cic, Gels., Glon., Hyos., Mel., Op., Stram.

 AGGRAVATION – From touch, motion, noise, draft of air, looking at bright shining objects (Lys., Stram.); after 3 P.M.; night, after midnight; while drinking; uncovering the head; summer sun; lying down.

AMELIORATION – Rest; standing or sitting erect; warm room.


Similar: to, Cop., Nitr., Fer., Thuja, especially in enuresis after Nitr. has failed; Berb., Lith. c. in arthritic complaints. 

Useful after Colch. fails in gout; after abuse of Cop. in suppression of gonorrhoea. 

Incompatible: wine, which aggravates urinary, gouty and rheumatic affections.


Similar: to, Canth., Lye, Sars., Tab., in renal colic.

Acts well: after, Arn., Bry., Kali bi., Rhus, Sulph.; in rheumatic affections.

AGGRAVATION – Motion, walking or carriage-riding; any sudden jarring movement.


Borax follows: Calc, Psor., Sanic, Sulph.

Is followed: by, Ars., Bry., Lyc, Phos., Sil.

Incompatible: should not be used before or after, Acetic acid, vinegar, wine.

AGGRAVATIONDOWNWARD MOTION; from sudden slight noises; smoking, which may bring on diarrhoea; damp, cold weather; before urinating.

AMELIORATION – Pressure; holding painful side with hand.


Compare: Am. c, Bell., Calc, Mag. s., Sep. in menstrual irregularities.

Bovista antidotes, effects of local applications of tar; suffocation from gas. 

When Rhus seems indicated, but fails to cure, in chronic urticaria.


Compare: in croup and croupy affections, Chlor., Hep., Iod., Spong.

Hard goitre cured after Iod. failed.

Brom. has cured in croup after failure of Iod., Phos., Hep., Spong.; especially in relapses after Iod.

“The chief distinction between Brom. and Iod. is, the former cures the blue-eyed and the latter the black-eyed patients.” — HERING.


 Complementary: Alumina, Rhus. 

Similar: to, Bell., Hep. for hasty speech and hasty drinking. 

To Ran. in pleuritic or rheumatic pains of chest. 

To Ptelea. aching heaviness in hepatic region; > lying on r. side, GREATLY < LYING ON LEFT SIDE; turning to the left causes a dragging sensation. 

After Bryonia: Alum., Kali c, Nux, Phos., Rhus, Sulph. Aggravation

Motion, exertion, TOUCH; cannot sit up, gets faint or sick or both; warmth, warm fold; suppressed discharges of any kind.

AMELIORATION – Lying, especially ON PAINFUL SIDE (Ptel., Puls.); pressure; rest; cold, eating cold things. 


Compare: Acon., Dig., Gels., Kal., Lach.,


Compare: Con., Glon., Lith. c, Puls., Nux.

Follows well: after, Conium, in lymphatic, psoric or tuberculous persons.


Complementary: to, Bell., which is the acute of Calc.

Calcarea acts best: before, Lyc, Nux, Phos., Sil.

It follows: Nit. ac, Puls., Sulph. (especially if pupils are dilated); is followed by, Kali bi. in nasal catarrh.

According to Hahnemann, Calc. MUST NOT BE USED BEFORE Nit. ac. and Sulph.; may produce unnecessary complications.

In children it may be often repeated.

In aged people should not be repeated; especially if the first dose benefited, it will usually do harm.

AGGRAVATION – Cold air; wet weather; cold water; from washing (Ant. c.); morning; during full moon.

AMELIORATION – Dry weather; lying on painful side (Bry., Puls.)


Complementary: Ruta.

 Similar: to, Carbo an., Cal. fluor., Calc, Fluor, ac., Kali phos.; to, Psor., in debility remaining after acute diseases; to, Sil., but sweat of head is wanting.

Acts best: before Iod., Psor., Sanic, Sulph., after Ars., Iod., Tub.

AGGRAVATION – Exposure to damp, cold, changeable weather; east winds; MELTING SNOW; mental exertion.

AMELIORATION – In summer; warm dry, atmosphere.


Complementary: Hepe., Sal. ac.

Similar: to, Hyper, in injuries to parts rich in sentient nerves where pain is excessive and out of all proportion to injury.

Similar: to, Arn. in traumatism without laceration of soft tissue.

Symp., Cal. p., for non-union of bones.

Pain extending from orifice of urethra backward,

Sal. ac, prevents excessive suppuration; gangrene.

Sulph. ac. in painful, gangrenous wounds; said to destroy septic germs.

Acts as well in potency as in tincture, applied locally, and may be administered internally at the same time.


 Camphor antidotes nearly every vegetable medicine; also, tobacco, fruits containing prussic acid, poisonous mushrooms; should not be allowed in the sick room in its crude form.

Compare: Carbo veg., Opium, Verat., Sec.

 AMELIORATION – When THINKING OF EXISTING COMPLAINT; warm air; drinking cold water.


 All our progress as a school depends on the right view of the symptoms obtained by proving with Camphor and Opium. —HERING.


 Compare: Bell., Hyos., Stram.


  Similar: to, Canth., Caps., Gels., Petros., in early stages of specific urethritis.


Similar to, Apis, Ars., Equis: Mer.

Burns before blisters form and when they have formed. If the skin be unbroken, apply an alcoholic solution of any potency and cover with cotton; this will promptly relieve pain and often prevent vesication. If skin be broken use in boiled or distilled water, and in each case give potency internally.


Compare: Apis, Bell., Bry., Calad., Puls.

Cina follows well in intermittent fever.

The constricting, burning, smarting pains differentiate from Apis and Belladonna.


Complementary: Calc, Phos.

Similar: to, Bad., Brom., Carbo v., Phos.,. Sep., Sulph.

Carbo animalis is often useful after bad effects from spoiled fish and decayed vegetables (Carbo v., Cepa.). 

AGGRAVATION – AFTER SHAVING (> after, Brom.); slightest touch; after midnight.


Complementary: Kali carb.

Want of susceptibility to well-selected remedies (Opium, Val.).

Compare: Cinch., Plumb, in neglected pneumonia, especially in “old topers;” Ant. t. in threatened paralysis from inability to expectorate loosened mucus.

Opium: with lack of reaction after well-selected remedies fail to permanently improve (Val.).

Phos. in easily bleeding ulcers.

Puls, bad effects from fat food and pastry.

Sulph., acrid-smelling menstrual flow and erysipelas of mammae.

AGGRAVATION – From butter, pork, fat food; abuse of quinine bark and mercury; from singing or reading aloud; in warm, damp weather. 

AMELIORATION – From eructation; being fanned.


Compare: Ars., Kreos. in burns; ulcers with unhealthy, offensive discharges, Gels., Mer., Sulph.

Carbolic acid is antidoted by dilute cider vinegar, either externally or internally, when acid has been swallowed accidentally or taken for suicidal purposes.


Similar: to, Act., Bell., Lil., Puls., Sec, Thlas., Vib.

Similar: to, labor pains of Puls., but mental condition opposite.

Similar: to, Sep., “moth patches” and reflex symptoms from uterine irregularities.


Complementary: Carbo veg., Petros.

Incompatible: Phos. Must not be used before or after Phos., always disagrees; the Acids; Coffea.

Compare: Arn., must swallow mucus; Gels., Graph., Sep. in ptosis; hoarseness, Rumex and Carbo v. when < changes to evening; Sulph. in chronic aphonia.

Causticum antidotes paralysis from lead poisoning (bad effects of holding type in mouth of compositors), and abuse of Merc, or Sulph. in scabies.

It affects the right side most prominently.

AGGRAVATIONIn clear, fine weather; coming from the air into a warm room (Bry.); cold air, especially draft of cold air; on becoming cold; from getting wet or bathing.

AMELIORATIONIn damp, wet weather; warm air.


Complementary: Bell, in diseases of children, cranial nerves; Cham., abdominal nerves. 

In cases spoiled by the use of opium or morphine in complaints of children. 

Compare: Bell., Bor., Bry., Coff., Puls., Sulph. 

Mental calmness contra-indicates Chamomilla. 

AGGRAVATION – By heat; ANGER; evening before midnight; open air; in the wind; eructations. 

AMELIORATION – FROM BEING CARRIED; fasting; warm, wet weather.


Chel. antidotes the abuse of Bry., especially in hepatic complaints.

Compare: Acon., Bry., Lyc, Mer., Nux, Sang., Sep., Sulph.

Ars., Lyc. and Sulph. follow well, and will often be required to complete the cure.


Compare: Hydr. ac, Hyper., Nux, Strych.

AGGRAVATION – From tobacco smoke (Ign.); touch.


Compare: Ant. c, Ant. t, Bry., Cham., Kreos., Sil, Staph., in irritability of children.

In pertussis, after Drosera has relieved the severe symptoms.

Has cured aphonia from exposure when Acon., Phos., and Spong. had failed.

Is frequently to be thought of, in children, as an epidemic remedy, when adults require other drugs.

Santonine sometimes cures in worm affections when Cina seems indicated, but fails (Mar. v., Spig.).


Complementary: Ferrum.

Follows well: Cal. p. in hydrocephaloid.

Compare: Chin. s. in intermittent fever, anticipating type.

Incompatible: after, Dig., Sel.

Is useful in bad effects from excessive tea drinking or abuse of chamomile tea, when hemorrhage results.

AGGRAVATION– From SLIGHTEST TOUCH; DRAFT OF AIR; every other day; mental emotions; loss of vital fluids.

AMELIORATION – Hard pressure; bending double.


Compare: patient desires light and company, Stram.; desires darkness and solitude, Coca.

Was first used as a tobacco antidote.


Compare: Ign. and Nux, in chorea and paralytic symptoms; Ant. t, in sweat of affected parts. 

Has cured umbilical hernia with obstinate constipation, after Nux failed.

AGGRAVATION– Eating, drinking, sleeping, smoking, talking; carriage riding, motion or swing of ship; rising up during pregnancy.


Compare: Acon., Cham., Ign. Sulph.

Incompatible: Canth., Caust., Coc, Ign.

AGGRAVATION – Sudden mental emotion; EXCESSIVE JOY; cold, open air; narcotic medicines.


Compare: Bry. in rheumatic gout with serious effusions; in rheumatism in warm weather.

Often cures dropsy after Apis and Arsen. fail.

AGGRAVATION – Mental emotion or exhaustion; effects of hard study; ODOR OF COOKING FOOD.

Motion: if the patient lies perfectly still, the disposition to vomit is less urgent. Eyery motion renews it (Bry.). 


In heart disease complicated with haemorrhoids consult Collinsonia when Cac, Dig. and other remedies fail.

Has cured colic after Col. and Nux had failed.

Compare: Aesc, Aloe, Cham., Nux, Sulph.

AGGRAVATION – The slightest MENTAL EMOTION OR EXCITEMENT aggravates the symptoms (Arg. n.).


Complementary: Merc, in dysentery, with great tenesmus.

Compare: Gnaph. intense pain along right sciatic nerve, darting, cutting, from right hip joint down to foot; < lying down, motion, stepping; > by sitting.

Compare with Staph, in ovarian or other diseases from bad effects of anger, reserved indignation or silent grief.

AGGRAVATION – Anger and indignation; mortification caused by offense (Staph., Lyc.); cheese < colic.

AMELIORATION – From doubling up; hard pressure.


Patients requiring Conium often improve from wine or stimulants, though persons susceptible to Conium cannot take alcoholic stimulants when in health.

Compare: Arn., Rhus in contusions; Ars., Aster, in cancer; Cal., Psor. in glandular swellings.

Is followed well: by, Psor. in tumors of mammae with threatening malignancy.

AGGRAVATION – At night; lying down; turning or rising up, in bed; CELIBACY.


Compare: Elaps, Lach., Naja, Pyr.

In Lach. skin cold and clammy; Crot. cold and dry; Elaps, affections of r. lung, expectoration of black blood.


Compare: Kali br., Phos. in chronic infantile diarrhoea; Sil. pain from nipple through to back when nursing.

AGGRAVATION – Diarrhoea: every motion; after drinking; while eating or nursing (Arg. n., Ars.); during summer; from fruit and sweetmeats (Gamb.); THE LEAST FOOD OR DRINK.


Complementary: Calcarea.

Compare: Ars. and Ver. in cholera and cholera morbus; Ipecac, the vegetable analogue.

Ver. follows well in whooping-cough and cholera.

Apis and Zinc, in convulsions from suppressed exanthems.

AGGRAVATION – Cold air; cold wind; at night; suppressed foot sweat or exanthem.

AMELIORATION – Nausea, vomiting and cough, by a swallow of cold water.


Compare: Puls., Cinch., Fer. in chlorosis, and anaemic affections; Croc, Thuja as if something alive in abdomen.

AGGRAVATION – Open air; cold water; cold bathing; menses < sitting and lying at night.

AMELIORATION – In a warm room; in-doors; menses > walking (leucorrhoea, < sitting, > walking, Cac, Coc.).


Cinchona antidotes the direct action of Digitalis and increases the anxiety.

AGGRAVATION – When sitting, especially when sitting erect; motion.


 Compare: Col., Phos., Pod., Rhus, Sil.


AMELIORATION – Motion; walking difficult; compelled to walk even though tired.


Complementary: to, Nux vomica.

Follows well: after Samb., Sulph., Ver.

Is followed: by, Cal., Puis., Sulph.

Compare: Cina, Coral., Cup., Ipec, Samb. in spasmodic coughs. Often relieves the constant distressing night-cough in tuberculosis.

 Hahnemann says (Mat. Med. Pura): “One single dose of the 30th potency is sufficient to cure entirely epidemic whooping cough. The cure takes place surely between seven and eight days. Never give a second dose immediately after the first; it would not only prevent the good effect of the former, but would be injurious.”


Complementary: to, Baryta carb., Kali s.

Incompatible: with, Acet. ac, Bell., Lach.

 Should not be used before or after.

Follows well: after, Cal., Bry., Lyc, Rhus, Sep.

Similar: to, Mer. in ptyalism, glandular swellings, bronchitis, diarrhoea; susceptibility to weather changes; night pains; to, Kali s. the chemical analogue.

For the bad effects or abuse of Mercury.


From cold in general; cold air; cold wet weather; suppressed menstruation, eruptions, sweat.

AMELIORATION – From moving about (Fer., Rhus).


Compare: Apis, Canth., Fer. p., Puls., Squilla.


Is followed well: by, Nat. m. and Sep.

Compare: Chel., Pod., Lyc, in jaundiced conditions.

Bryonia is the nearest analogue, having free sweat, but pains keep patient quiet; while Eup. has scanty sweat and pains make patient restless.


Similar: to, Puls, in affections of the eyes; reverse of All. c. in lachrymation and coryza.

AGGRAVATION – In the evening, in bed, indoors, warmth, moisture; AFTER EXPOSURE TO SOUTH WIND; when touched (Hep.).


Complementary: to, Alum., Cinch.

Cinch.: the vegetable analogue follows well in nearly all diseases, acute or chronic.

 Should never be given in syphilis; always aggravates the condition.

AGGRAVATION – At night; at rest, especially while sitting still.



Complementary: Coca, Sil.

Follows well: after, Ars. in ascites of drunkards; after, Kali c. in hip disease; after, Coff., Staph, in sensitive teeth; after, Phos. ac. in diabetes; after, Sil., Symph. in bone diseases; after, Spong. in goitre.


Compare: Bap. in threatening typhoid fever; Ipecac, in dumb ague, after suppression by quinine.

AGGRAVATION – Damp weather; before a thunderstorm; mental emotion or excitement; BAD NEWS; TOBACCO SMOKING; when THINKING OF HIS AILMENTS; when spoken to of his loss.


Compare: Amyl., Bell., Ferr., Gels., Melil., Stram.

 AGGRAVATIONIn the sun, exposure to sun’s rays; gas-light; overheating; jar; stooping; ascending; touch of hat; having the hair cut.


Complementary: Caust., Hep., Lyc.

Graphites follows well: after Lyc, Puls.; after Cal. in obesity of young women with large amount of unhealthy adipose tissue; follows Sulph. well in skin affections; after Sepia in gushing leucorrhcea.

Similar: to Lyc, Puls, in menstrual troubles.

 AGGRAVATION – At night, during and after menstruation.


Complementary: Ferrum, in haemorrhages and the haemorrhagic diathesis.

Compare: Arn., Calen., for traumatic, and to hasten absorption of intraocular haemorrhage.


Compare: Apis, Apoc, Ars., Bell., Bry., Dig., Lach., Sulph., Tub., Zinc, in brain or meningeal affections.


Compare: Aletris, Fer., Lil., Phos. ac.

Similar: to, Alet. in debility from prolapsus, protracted illness, defective nutrition.


Complementary: to, Calendula in injuries of soft parts.

 Hepar antidotes: bad effects of mercury and other metals, iodine, iodide of potash, cod-liver oil; renders patients less susceptible to atmospheric changes and cold air.

 Compare: the psoric skin affections of Sulphur are dry, itching, > by scratching, and not sensitive to touch; while in Hepar the skin is unhealthy, suppurating, moist, and extremely sensitive to touch.

 AGGRAVATION – Lying on painful side (Kali c, Iod.); cold air; uncovering; eating or drinking cold things; touching affected parts; abuse of mercury.

AMELIORATION – Warmth in general (Ars.); wrapping up warmly, especially the head (Psor., Sil.); IN DAMP, WET WEATHER (Caust., Nux—rev. of, Nat. s.).

Hyoscyamus niger

Compare: Bell., Stram. and Verat.

Phos. often cures lasciviousness when Hyos. fails.

Nux or Opium in haemoptysis of drunkards.

Follows: Bell, well in deafness after apoplexy.


At night; during menses; mental affections; jealousy, unhappy love; when lying down.

Hypericum perforatumr

Compare: Arn., Calen., Ruta, Staph.

In wounds where formerly Acon, and Arn. were given alternately, Hypericum cures.

Ignatia amara

Incompatible: Coff., Nux, Tab.

The bad effects of Ign. are antidoted by Puls.

AGGRAVATION – From tobacco, coffee, brandy, contact, motion, strong odors, mental emotions, grief.

AMELIORATION – Warmth, hard pressure (Cinch.); swallowing, walking.


Complementary: to, Lycopodium.

Compare: Acet. ac, Brom., Con., Kali bi., Spong. in membranous croup and croupy affections; especially in overgrown boys with scrofulous diathesis.

Follows well: after, Hep., Mer.; is followed by Kali bi. in croup.

Acts best in goitre when given after full moon, or when the moon is waning

Should not be given during lying-in period, except in high potencies

AGGRAVATION – Warmth; wrapping up the head (reverse of, Hep., Psor.).


Complementary: Cuprum.

Is followed well: by, Ars. in influenza, chills, croup, debility, cholera infantum; by, Ant. t. in foreign bodies in larynx.

Similar: to, Puls., Ant. c, in gastric troubles.

 AGGRAVATION – Winter and dry weather; warm, moist, south winds (Euph.) ; slightest motion.

Kali bichromicum

Compare: Brom., Hep., Iod. in croupy affections.

After: Canth. or Carb. ac. has removed the scrapings, in dysentery.

After: Iod. in croup, when hoarse cough, with tough membrane, general weakness and coldness are present; Cal. in acute or chronic nasal catarrh.

Ant. t. follows well in catarrhal affections and skin diseases.

AGGRAVATION – Heat of summer; hot weather.

AMELIORATION – Skin symptoms are better in cold weather (reverse of, Alum, and Pet.).

Kali bromatum

One of the antidotes for lead poisoning.

Often curative after Eugenia jambos in acne.

Kali carbonicum

Complementary: Carbo veg.

Compare: Bry., Lyc, Nat. m., Nit. ac, Stan.

Follows well: after, Kali s., Phos., Stan, in loose, rattling cough.

Will bring on the menses, when Nat. m., though apparently indicated, fails. — Hahnemann.

Kalmia latifolia

Similar: to, Led., Rhod., Spig., in rheumatic affections and gout.

 It follows Spig. well in heart disease.


Kreosote is followed well by Ars., Phos., Sulph., in cancer and disease of a malignant tendency.

Carbo veg. and Kreosote are inimical.


In the open air, cold weather; when growing cold; from washing or bathing with cold water; rest, especially when lying.

AMELIORATION – Generally better from warmth.


Complementary: Hep., Lyc, Nit. ac.

Incompatible: Acet. ac, Carb. ac.

In intermittent fever Nat. m. follows Lach. well when type changes.

AGGRAVATION – After sleep: contact; extremes of temperature; acids; alcohol; cinchona; mercury; pressure or constriction; sun’s rays; spring; summer.

Lac caninum

Similar: to, Apis, Con., Murex, Lach., Kali bi., Puls., Sep., Sulph.

Probably no remedy in the Materia Medica presents a more valuable pathogenesis in symptoms of the throat, or one that will better repay a careful study.

Like Lachesis, this remedy has met with the most violent opposition from prejudice and ignorance, which its wonderful theraputic powers have slowly, yet surely overcome. It was successfully used by Dioscorides, Pliny, and Sextus in ancient times, and revived in New York by Reisig, Bayard and Swan in the treatment of diphtheria. Reised was the first to potentize it.

Ledum palustre

Compare: Arm, Crot. t, Ham., Bellis, Ruta, in traumatism; Con., in long-lasting effects of injuries.

Lilium tigrinum

Compare: Act., Agar., Cac, Helon., Murex, Nat. p., Plat., Sep., Spig., Tar.

Lobelia inflata

Compare: Ant. t., Ars., Ipec, Tab., Ver.

AGGRAVATION – Slightest motion; touch, cold.

AMELIORATION – Chest pain by walking rapidly.

For the bad effects of drunkenness in people with light hair, blue or grey eyes, florid complexion, corpulent, Lobelia bears the same relation that Nux vomica does to persons of the opposite temperament.

Lycopodium clavatum

Complementary: Iodine.

Bad effects: of onions, bread; wine, spiritous liquors; tobacco smoking and chewing (Ars.).

Follows well: after, Calc, Carbo v., Lach., Sulph.

It is rarely advisable to begin the treatment of a chronic disease with Lyc. unless clearly indicated; it is better to give first another antipsoric.

Lyc. is a deep-seated, long-acting remedy, and should rarely be repeated after improvement begins.

AGGRAVATION – Nearly all diseases from 4 to 8 P.M. (Hell. —from 4 to 9 P. M., Col., Mag. p.).

AMELIORATION – Warm foods and drinks; from uncovering the head; loosening the garments.

Lyssinum (hydrophobinum)

Compare: Bell., Canth., Hyos., Stram., in hydrophobia.

AGGRAVATION – SIGHT OR SOUND OF WATER; bright, dazzling light (Stram.) ; carriage-riding (Coc.—better from, Nit. ac).

Magnesia carbonica

CARBONATE OF MAGNESIA                                                                                                        MgCO3,3H2O


Complementary: to, Chamomilla.

AGGRAVATION – Change of temperature; EVERY THREE WEEKS; rest; milk, during menses.

AMELIORATION – Warm air, but worse in warmth of bed (Led., Mer.—better in warmth of bed, Ars.).

Magnesia muriatica

Compare: Cham, in the diseases of children.

Magnesia phosphorica

Compare: Bell., Caul., Col., Lyc, Lac c, Puls.; Cham, its vegetable analogue.

 Sometimes acts best when given in hot water.

 AGGRAVATION – Cold air; a draft of cold air or cold wind; cold bathing or washing; motion; touch.

AMELIORATION – Bending double; heat; warmth; pressure (burning pain > by heat, Ars.).


Compare: Ipec, dry cough; Camph., Sec, Tab., Ver., in collapse; Pic. ac, Gels., inability to walk; Aloe, Sulph., morning diarrhoea.

The burning feet of Sulphur and restless fidgety legs and feet of Zinc, are both found at the same time in Medorrhinum.

AGGRAVATIONWHEN THINKING OF IT (Helon., Ox. ac.); heat, covering; stretching; thunder storm; least movement; sweets; from daylight to sunset (rev. of Syph.).

AMELIORATIONTHE SEASHORE (REV. of Nat.); lying on stomach; damp weather (Caust., Nux).


Compare: Amyl., Ant. c. in epistaxis after headache, but does not relieve; Bell., Glon., Sang. in congestive headache, red face, hot head, etc.

AGGRAVATION – Approach of a storm; rainy, changeable weather.


Compare: Cac, Cal., Gels., Sep., Mag. m., Paris.

Follow well: Caps., Lach., Lyc, Puls., Rhus, Ver.

AGGRAVATION – During rest; lying down.

AMELIORATION – Pressure on affected part.


Follows well: after, Bell., Hep., Lach., Sulph., but should not be given before or after Silicea.

If given in low (weak) potencies hastens rather than aborts suppuration.

The bad effects of Mer. are antidoted by Aur., Hep., Lach., Mez., Nit. ac, Sulph., and by a strong (high) potency of Mer., when the symptoms correspond.

Compare: Mezereum, its vegetable analogue, for bad effects of large doses or of too frequent repetition.

Ailments from sugar, insect stings, vapors of arsenic or copper. Diseases occurring in winter.

 AGGRAVATION – At night; wet, damp weather (Rhus); in autumn, warm days and cold, damp nights; lying on right side; perspiring.

Mercury is < by heat of, but > by rest in, bed.

Arsenic is > by heat of, but < by rest in, bed.

Mercurius solubilis

“When it acts well it produces a profuse, watery diarrhoea with great relief to the patient; it is as important as Arsenicum in Hydrothorax.” _ Lippe.

Relations. Compare: Ars., Cinnab., Dig., Sulph.


Compare: Caust, Guaiac, Phyt., Rhus.

AGGRAVATION – Cold air: cold washing; at night; touch or motion; bad effects of mercury or alcohol.

Epidemics occurring in January and February often call for Mezereum.


Compare: Erecht. in epistaxis and haemoptysis, blood bright red.

Follows well: after, Acon, and Arn. in haemorrhages.


Compare: Lil., Plat., in nymphomania; Sep. in bearing down sensation, but has no sexual erethism.

Muriaticum acidum

Follows well: after, Bry., Mer., Rhus.

Cures the muscular weakness following excessive use of opium and tobacco.

Naja tripudians

Compare: Ars., Cac, Crot., Lach., Myg., Spig.

Natrum carbonicum

Compare: Nat. s., for yeast-like vomiting; Cal., Sep.

Follows well: after, Sep. in bearing down.

AGGRAVATION – From music; IN THE SUN; excessive summer heat; MENTAL EXERTION; a thunder storm.

Natrum muriaticum

Complementary: to, Apis; acts well before and after it.

Natrum mur. is the chronic of Ignatia, which is its vegetable analogue.

Is followed by Sepia and Thuja.

Cannot often be repeated in chronic cases without an intercurrent, called for by the symptoms.

Should never be given during fever paroxysm.

If vertigo and headache be very persistent, or prostration be prolonged after Natrum, Nux will relieve.

AGGRAVATION – AT 10 OR 11 A.M.; at the seashore or from sea air; heat of sun or stove; mental exertion, talking, writing, reading; lying down.

AMELIORATION – In the open air (Apis, Puls.); cold bathing; GOING WITHOUT REGULAR MEALS; lying on right side (on painful side, Bry., Ign., Puls.

Natrum sulphuricum

Compare: Nat. m. and Sulph., which are very similar; Thuja and Merc, in syphilis and sycosis occurring in hydrogenoid constitutions.

AGGRAVATION – Damp basements or dwellings; damp weather (Aran., Ars. i., Dul.); rest; lying.

AMELIORATION – Dry weather; pressure, sitting up (cough); changing position (but > in wet weather, Caust.); open air.

 Must change position frequently, but it is painful and gives little relief (Caust.).

Nitricum acidum

Complementary: Ars. and Calad.

Inimical: to, Lachesis.

Resembles: Ars. in morbid fear of cholera.

Often difficult to distinguish from Mer.; but is adapted to black-haired people, while Mer. is more useful in light-haired persons.

Relieves ailments resulting from abuse of mercury, especially if there be erethism; bad effects of repeated doses of Digitalis.

Follows well: Calc, Hep., Mer., Nat. c, Puls, or Thuja; but is most effective after Kali c.

AGGRAVATION – Evening and at night; after midnight; contact; change of temperature or weather; during sweat; on walking; while walking.

AMELIORATION – While riding in a carriage (reverse of Coc).

Nux moschata

Nux moschata antidotes mercurial inhalation, lead colic, oil of turpentine, spirituous liquors, and especially the effects of bad beers.

 AGGRAVATION – Cold, wet windy weather (Rhod.) ; weather changes; cold food, water and cold washing; carriage driving (Coc); lying on painful side (on painless side, Puls.).

 AMELIORATION – In dry, warm weather; warm room; wrapping up warmly.

Nux vomica

Complementary: Sulphur in nearly all diseases;

Inimical: to, Zinc.; must not be used before or after.

Follows well: after, Ars., Ipec, Phos., Sep., Sulph.

Is followed well: by, Bry., Puis., Sulph.

Nux should be given on retiring or, what is better, several hours before going to bed; it acts best during repose of mind and body.

AGGRAVATION – MORNING; WAKING AT 4 A.M.; MENTAL EXERTION; after eating or over-eating; touch, noise, anger, spices, narcotics, dry weather; in cold air.

AMELIORATION – In evening, while at rest; lying down, and in damp wet weather (Caust.).


Antidotes, for poisonous doses: strong coffee, Nux, Kali per. and constant motion.

When symptoms correspond, the potencies may antidote bad effects of Opium drugging.

Compare: Apis, Bell., Hyos., Stram. and Zinc.

 AGGRAVATION – During and after sleep (Apis, Lach.); while perspiring; from warmth; stimulants.

AMELIORATION – From cold; constant walking.


One of our best antidotes for lead poisoning.

The skin symptoms are worse in winter, better in summer (Alum.); if suppressed, causes diarrhoea.

Aggravation – Carriage riding (Coc, Sanic.); during a thunderstorm: IN WINTER (Alum.).


Compare: Can., Canth., Mer. in sudden urging to urinate.


Complementary: Arsenic, with which it is isomorphic; Cepa, its vegetable analogue.

Incompatible: with Causticum, must not be used before or after.

Phos. removes the bad effects of Iodine and EXCESSIVE USE OF TABLE SALT.

Follows well: after, Calc. or Cinch.

 Hahnemann says: “Acts most beneficially when patient suffers from chronic loose stool or diarrhoea.”

AGGRAVATION – Evening, before midnight (Puls., Rhus); LYING ON LEFT OR PAINFUL SIDE; DURING A THUNDERSTORM; weather changes, either hot or cold.

Cold air relieves the head and face symptoms but aggravates those of chest, throat and neck.

AMELIORATION – In the dark; lying on right side; from being rubbed or mesmerized; from cold food, cold water, until it gets warm.


Phosphoricum acidum

Compare: Phos., Puls., Pic. ac, Sil.; Mur. ac. in typhoid; Nit. sp. d. in apathetic stupor and delirium.

Phos. ac. acts well before or after Cinch, in colliquative sweats, diarrhoea, debility; after Nux in fainting after a meal.

AGGRAVATION – From mental affections; loss of vital fluids; especially seminal; self abuse; sexual excesses; talking causes weakness in chest (Stan.).


Compare: Bell., Con., Cur., Gels., Hyper., Strych.


When it rains; exposure to damp, cold weather. Compare: Kali i. its analogue.

Picricum acidum

Compare: Arg. n., Gels., Kali p., Phos. ac, Phos., Petr., Sil.

AMELIORATION – From cold air and cold water.

AGGRAVATION – Least MENTAL EXERTION; motion; study; wet weather.


Compare: Aur., Croc, Ign., Kali p., Puis., Sep., Stan., Val. the vegetable analogue.

Plumbum metallicum

Compare: Alum., Plat., Op. in colic; Pod. in retraction of navel; Nux in strangulated hernia; Pod. the vegetable analogue.

The bad effects of Plumbum are antidoted by Alum., Petr., Plat., Sulph. ac, Zinc.

AGGRAVATION – At night (pains in limbs).

AMELIORATION – Rubbing; hard pressure.


Compare: Aloe, Chel., Collin., Lil., Merc, Nux, Sulph.

 It antidotes the bad effects of mercury.

 After: Ipec, Nux, in gastric affections; after Calc. and Sulph. in liver diseases.

 Aggravation IN EARLY MORNING (Aloe, Nux, Sulph.); in hot weather; during dentition.



Complementary: Sulphur and Tuberculinum.

Is followed well: by, Alum., Bor., Hep., Sulph., Tub.

After: Lactic ac, in vomiting of pregnancy.

After: Arn. in traumatic affections of ovaries.

 Sulphur follows Psorinum well, in mammary cancer.

 “Whether derived from purest gold or purest filth, our gratitude for its excellent service forbids us to inquire or care.”— P. B. BELL


Complementary: Kali m., Lyc, Sil., Sulph. ac.; Kali m. its chemical analogue.

Silicea is the chronic of Pulsatilla in nearly all ailments.

Follows, and is followed by, Kali m.

One of the best remedies with which to begin the treatment of a chronic case (Cal., Sulph.).

Patients, anaemic or chlorotic, who have taken much iron, quinine and tonics, even years before.

Ailments: from abuse of chamomile, quinine, mercury, tea-drinking, sulphur.

Follows well: after, Kali bi., Lye, Sep., Sil., Sulph.

AGGRAVATIONIN WARM CLOSE ROOM; EVENING, AT TWILIGHT; on beginning to move; lying on the left, or ON THE PAINLESS SIDE; very rich, fat, indigestible food; pressure on the well side if it be made toward the diseased side; warm applications; HEAT (Kali m.).

AMELIORATION IN THE OPEN AIR; lying on painful side (Bry.); cold air or cool room; eating or drinking cold things; cold applications (Kali m.).


Compare: Ars., Carbo v., Carb. ac, Op., Psor., Rhus, Sec, Ver.

Latent pyrogenic process, patient continually relapsing after apparent similimum.

Ranunculus bulbosus

Compare: Acon., Am., Bry., Clem., Euphorb., Mez.

Incompatible: with Sulph. and Staph.

AGGRAVATION – Contact; motion: atmospheric changes, especially, wet stormy weather (Rhus).


Compare: Canth., Carb. ac, Iris, Sulph., Thuja.


Complementary: after Magn. c, when milk disagrees and child has sour odor.

Compare: Cham., Col., Hep., Ipec, Magn. c, Pod., Staph., Sulph.

May be given after abuse of Magnesia, with or without rhubarb, if stools are sour.


Compare: Bry., Con., Cal., Led., Lyc, Sep., Rhus.

AGGRAVATION – Stormy, windy weather; electrical changes in the atmosphere; on approach of thunder-storm; symptoms reappear with rough weather.

AMELIORATION – Better from wrapping the head warmly; dry heat and exercise.

Rhus toxicodendron

Complementary: to, Bryonia.

Inimical: to, Apis, must not be used before or after.

Compare: Arn., Bry., Rhod., Nat. s., Sulph.

AGGRAVATION – Before a storm; COLD, WET RAINY WEATHER; at night, especially after midnight; from getting wet while perspiring; DURING REST.

AMELIORATION – Warm, dry weather, wrapping up; warm or hot things; MOTION; CHANGE OF POSITION; MOVING AFFECTED PARTS.

The great characteristic of Rhus is that with few exceptions the pains occur and are < DURING REPOSE AND ARE > BY MOTION.

 Sepia, often quickly > itching and burning of Rhus, the vesicles drying up in a few days.

 Rhus is best antidoted by the similimum; the potentized remedy given internally. The dermatitis should never be treated by topical medicated applications; they only suppress, never cure.

Rumex crispus

Compare: Bell., Caust., Dros., Hyos., Phos., Sang., Sulph.


AMELIORATION – Warmth; KEEPING MOUTH COVERED to exclude cold air.

Ruta graveolens

Compare: Arn., Arg. n., Con., Euphr., Phyt., Rhus, Symph.

After Arnica, it hastens the curative process in the joints; after Symphytum, in injuries of bones.


Compare: Col., Colch., Lyc, where < is from 4 to 8 p. M.; Puls., Sab. > in open air.

Follows: Bry. and Ran. b. well in pleurisy, and has cured after Acon, and Bry. failed.


Complementary: to, Thuja.

Compare: Calc, Croc, Millef., Sec, Trill.

Follows: Thuja in condyloma and sycotic affections.

 AGGRAVATION – From least motion (Sec.); warm air or room (Apis, Puls.).

 AMELIORATION – In cool, open, fresh air.

Sambucus nigra

Compare: Cinch., Chlor., Ipec, Meph., Sulph.

Relieves ailments from abuse of Arsenicum.

AGGRAVATION – During rest; after eating fruit.

AMELIORATION – Sitting up in bed. Motion; most of the pains occur during rest and disappear during motion (Rhus).

Follows well: after Opium in bad effects of fright.

Sanguinaria canadensis

Compare: Bell., Iris, Mellil., in sick headache; Lach., Sulph., in climacteric affections; Chel., Phos., Sulph., Ver. v., in chronic bronchitis or latent pneumonia.

 After Bell. fails in scarlatina.

 As a dynamic remedy for the narcosis of Opium.


Related to: Abrot., Alum., Bor., Cal., Graph., Nat. m., Sil., and others of our great anti-psorics.


Complementary: Merc, Sep., either of which follows well.

 Compare: Berb., Lyc, Nat. m., Phos.

 Frequently called for after abuse of mercury.

Secale cornutum

Compare: Cinnamon in post-partum haemorrhage; it increases labor-pains, controls profuse or dangerous flooding, is always safe, while Ergot is always dangerous.

Similar: to, Arsenicum, but cold and heat are opposite.

Resembles Colchicum in cholera morbus.

AGGRAVATIONHEAT; WARMTH FROM COVERING, of all affected parts; in all diseases WORSE FROM HEAT.

AMELIORATION – In the cold air; getting cold uncovering affected parts; rubbing.


Compare: Phos. in genito-urinary and respiratory symptoms; Arg. m. and Stan, in laryngitis of singers or speakers; Alum. hard stool, inactive rectum.

Follows well: after, Calad., Nat., Staph., Phos. ac, in sexual weakness.

Itch checked by mercurials or sulphur often requires Selenium.

AGGRAVATION DRAFT OF AIR; in the sun; from lemonade, TEA or WINE.

AMELIORATION – Taking cold water or cold air into the mouth.


Complementary: Natrum mur.

Inimical: to, Lach., should not be used before or after; to, Puls., with which it should never be alternated.

Similar: to, Lach., Sang., Ustil., in climacteric irregularities of the circulation.

Frequently indicated after: Sil., Sulph.

A single dose aften acts curatively for many weeks.

AGGRAVATION – In afternoon or evening; from cold air or dry east wind; sexual excesses; at rest; sultry, moist weather; BEFORE A THUNDERSTORM (Psor.).

AMELIORATION – Warmth of bed, hot applications; violent exercise.

Many symptoms, especially those of head, heart and pelvis, are both < and > by rest and exercise.

It antidotes mental effects of overuse of tobacco, in patients of sedentary habits who suffer from overmental exertion.


Complementary: Thuja, Sanicula.

Compare: Hep., Pic. ac, Kali p., Hyper., Ruta, Sanic, Gettysburg.

Follows well: after, Calc, Graph., Hep., Nit. ac, Phos.

Is followed well: by, Hep., Fluor ac, Lyc, Sep.

AGGRAVATION – Cold; during menses; DURING NEW MOON; UNCOVERING, especially the head; LYING DOWN.

AMELIORATION – Warmth, especially from wrapping up the head; all the symptoms except gastric, which are > by cold food (Lyc).

Silicea is the chronic of Pulsatilla.

Spigelia anthelmia

Compare: Acon., Ars., Cact., Dig., Kali c, Naja, Kal., Spong., in heart affections.

AGGRAVATION – From motion, noise, touch, turning the eyes; FROM EVERY SHAKING, COMMOTION, OR CONCUSSION.

AMELIORATION – Lying on right side with the head high (Ars., Cac, Spong.).

Spongia tosta

Spongia follows well: after, Acon., Hep., in cough and croup when dryness prevails; after, Spong., Hep., when mucus commences to rattle.

Compare: Arn., Caust., Iod., Lach., Nux m., sputa loosened but must be swallowed again.

Stannum metallicum

Complementary: Pulsatilla.

AGGRAVATION – Laughing and singing, talking, USING THE VOICE; lying on right side; DRINKING ANYTHING WARM (from cold drinks, Spong.).

AMELIORATION – Coughing or expectorating relieves hoarseness; hard pressure (Col.).

Stannum follows well: after, Caust., and is followed by Cal., Phos. ,Sil., Sulph., Tub.


Compare: Caust., Col., Ign., Lyc, Puls., Col. and Staph, act well after each other; Caust., Col., Staph., follow well in order named.

AGGRAVATIONMENTAL AFFECTIONS; from anger, indignation, grief, mortification; loss of fluids; tobacco; onanism; sexual excesses; from the least touch on affected parts.

Inimical; Ran. bulb., either before or after.


Stramonium often follows: Bell., Cup., Hyos., Lys.

In metrorrhagia from retained placenta with characteristic delirium, Sec. often acts promptly when Stram. has failed (with fever and septic tendency, Pyr.).

After overaction, from repeated doses of Bell, in whooping-cough.

AGGRAVATION – IN THE DARK; WHEN ALONE; looking at bright or shining objects; after sleep (Apis, Lach., Op., Spong.); when attempting to swallow.

AMELIORATION – FROM BRIGHT LIGHT; from company; warmth.


Complementary: Aloe, Psor.

Ailments from the abuse of metals generally.

Compatible: Calc, Lyc, Puls., Sars., Sep.

Sulph., Calc, Lyc; or Sulph., Sars. and Sep. frequently follow in given order.

Calcarea must not be used before Sulphur.

Sulphur is the chronic of Aconite and follows it well in pneumonia and other acute diseases.

AGGRAVATION – At rest; WHEN STANDING; WARMTH IN BED; washing, bathing; changeable weather (Rhus).

AMELIORATION – Dry, warm weather; lying on the right side (rev. of Stan.).


 Complementary: Puls.

Compare: Ars., Bor., Calend., Led., Ruta, Rheum, Symp.

In contusion and laceration of soft parts it vies with Calendula.

Follows well: after, Am. with bruised pain, livid skin and profuse sweat; after, Led. in ecchymosis.

Ailments, from brandy drinking.

Sulphuric acid, one part, with three parts of alcohol, 10 to 15 drops, three times daily for three or four weeks, has been successfully used to subdue the craving for liquor – Hering.


Compare: Arn., Calend., Cal. p., Fluor. ac, Hep., Sil.

Follows well: after Arnica, for PRICKING pain, and soreness of periosteum remaining after an injury.


Compare: Aur., Asaf., Kali i., Merc, Phyt., in bone diseases and syphilitic affections.

AGGRAVATIONAT NIGHT, from twilight to daylight.


Antidotes, for abuse of tobacco, are:

Ipec, for excessive nausea and vomiting.

Ars., for bad effects of tobacco-chewing.

Nux, for the gastric symptoms next morning after smoking.

Phos., palpitation, tobacco heart, sexual weakness.

Ign., for annoying hiccough from tobacco chewing.

Clem, or Plant., for tobacco toothache.

Sep., neuralgic affections of right side of face; dyspepsia; chronic nervousness, especially in sedentary occupations.

Lyc, for impotence, spasms, cold sweat from excessive smoking.

Gels., occipital headache and vertigo from excessive use, especially smoking.

Tabacum, potentized (200 or 1000) to relieve terrible craving when discontinuing use.

 AmeliorationOPEN, FRESH, COLD AIR; uncovering.


Comparer Bry., Chel., Hydr., Nux, in gastric and bilious affections.

AGGRAVATION – Almost all symptoms appear when sitting; lying down; resting.

Tarentula hispanica

Similar: to, Apis, Crot., Lach., Plat., Mygale, Naja, Ther.

AGGRAVATION – Motion; CONTACT; touch of affected parts; noise; change of weather.


 Termini of nerves became so irritated and sensitive that some kind of friction was necessary to obtain relief.


Compare: Alumen, Arn„ Ars., Canth., Lach., Nit. ac.

 Is recommended as a prophylactic in malarial and African fevers.

Theridion curassavicum

Follows well after, Cal. and Lyc.

Thlaspi bursa pastoris

Compare: Sinapis, Trillium, Viburnum, Ustilago.

Thuja occidentals

Complementary: Med., Sab., Sil.

Compare: Cann. s., Canth., Cop., Staph.

Cinnab. is preferable for warts on the prepuce.

Follows well: after, Med., Mer., Nit. ac.

AGGRAVATION – At night; from heat of bed; at 3 A. M. and 3 P.M.; from cold, damp air; narcotics.

Trillium pendulum

Complementary: to Cal. p., in menstrual and haemorrhagic affections.

Compare: Cinch., Bell., Kali c., Mill., Lach., Sep., Sulph., Thlas., Ust.

Tuberculinum bovinum

Complementary: Psor., Sulph.

When Psor., Sulph., or the best selected remedy fails to relieve or permanently improve; follows Psor. as a constitutional remedy in hay fever, asthma.

Belladonna, for acute attacks, congestive or inflammatory, occurring in tubercular diseases.

Hydrastis to fatten patients cured with Tuber.


Compare: Asaf., Asar., Croc, Ign., Lac c, Spig., Sulph.

For the abuse of Chamomile tea.

For pains in heels: Agar., Caust, Cyc, Led., Mang., Phyt.

Veratrum album

After: Ars., Arn., Cinch., Cup., Ipec.

After Camph. in cholera and cholera morbus.

After Amm. c, Carbo v. and Bov., in dysmenorrhcea with vomiting and purging.

AGGRAVATION – From least motion; after drinking; before and during menses; during stool; when perspiring; after fright.

Often removes bad effects of excessive use of alcohol and tobacco.

Zincum metallicum

Compare: Hell., Tuber., in incipient brain diseases from suppressed eruptions.

AGGRAVATION – Of many symptoms from drinking wine, even a small quantity (Alum., Con.).

AMELIORATION – Symptoms: of chest, by expectorating; of bladder, by urinating; of back, by emissions (< by Cobalt.); general, by menstrual flow.

Is followed well by, Ign. but not by Nux, which disagrees.

INIMICAL – Cham, and Nux; should ot be used before or after.


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