Clinical advice by Stalwarts of Homeopathy (Allen’s Keynotes)


  • Hahnemann says: “Whenever Aconite is chosen homoeopathically, you must, above all, observe the moral symptoms, and be careful that it closely resembles them; the anguish of mind and body; the restlessness; the disquiet not to be allayed.” – ACONITE
  • According to Hahnemann, Calc. must not be used before Nit. ac. and Sulph.; may produce unnecessary complications. – CALC CARB
  • Hahnemann says (Mat. Med. Pura) : “One single dose of the 30th potency is sufficient to cure entirely epidemic whooping cough. The cure takes place surely between seven and eight days. Never give a second dose immediately after the first; it would not only prevent the good effect of the former, but would be injurious.” – DROSERA
  • Persons suffering from ulceration of the the lungs can scarcely get well without this anti-psoric. _ Hahnemann. – KALI CARB
  • – Will bring on the menses, when Nat. m., though apparently indicated, fails. – Hahnemann. – KALI CARB
  • “Nux is chiefly successful with persons of an ardent character; of an irritable, impatient temperament, disposed to anger, spite or deception.”-HAHNEMANN. – NUX VOMICA
  • Hahnemann says : “Acts most beneficially when patient suffers from chronic loose stool or diarrhoea.”- PHOS


  • Sore and raw spots on feet, especially heel, from friction. “Efficacious when feet are rubbed sore”- Dioscorides. – ALLIUM CEPA


  • Pains: tearing, drawing, sticking; with sensation of pressure. 
    The infant is weak, peevish and mentally deficient, thin and emaciated, the image of a little dried-up old man. 
    The hair turns gray and falls; the memory grows unreliable; comprehension is dull; hearing, smell and sight begin to fail; nervousness, anxiety, melancholy; aversion to company or indifference to family and the affairs of life are gradual steps in the path to senility. From defective assimilation the tissues become impoverished; from weak circulation there is coldness of the extremities, numbness and vertigo. These signs of senile decrepitude may be found to a greater or less extent in any stage of life, and this is the sphere of Ambra. – Farrington. – AMBRA G


  • – Hering says: “To call a carbuncle a surgical disease is the greatest absurdity. An incision is always injurious and often fatal. A case has never been lost under the right kind of treatment, and it should always be treated by internal medicine only.” – ANTHRACINUM
  • – “The chief distinction between Brom. and Iod. is, the former cures the blue-eyed and the latter the black-eyed patients.”-HERING.- BROMIUM
  • Note for thought- All our progress as a school depends on the right view of the symptoms obtained by proving with Camphor and Opium.-Hering.– CAMPHORA
  • There are many more Ignatia persons in North America than Nux vomica persons.- Hering.- IGNATIA
  • – Should not be given during lying-in period, except in high potencies. Hering. – IODUM
  • Opium renders the intestines so sluggish that the most active purgatives lose their power.-HERING.- OPIUM
  • Sulphuric acid, one part, with three parts of alcohol, 10 to 15 drops, three times daily for three or four weeks, has been successfully used to subdue the craving for liquor.- HERING.- SULPHURIC ACID


  • Blatta orientalis has cured bad cases of general dropsy, after Apis, Apoc. and Dig. failed.-Haynes- APOCYNUM


  • Should not be given low or repeated often, as bad effects often follow. – h.c allen-  ARUM TRIPHYLLUM


  • Physical exertion, even much walking, brings on abscess in some part, but generally in the r. ear.-R. T. COOPER.- CARBOLIC ACID


  • Acts best in goiter when given after full moon, or when the moon is waning. _ Lippe. – IODUM
  • – “When it acts well it produces a profuse, watery diarrhoea with great relief to the patient; it is as important as Arsenicum in Hydrothorax.” _ Lippe. – MERC SULPH
  • Persistent diarrhoea in those treated with large doses of the drug.-LIPPE. – OPIUM
  • “A single dose at new moon.”-LIPPE. – SULPHUR


  •  “acts best in single dose, if repeated should be given at exact intervals.”)- Nichols – LAC CAN


  • – “Whether derived from purest gold or purest filth, our gratitude for its excellent service forbids us to inquire or care”.- P.B. Bell.- PSORINUM


  • “In rachitis, caries, necrosis, it apparently goes to the root of the evil and destroys the cause.”- Dr. BARUCH. – THERIDION


  • “On blowing the nose a pressing pain in the hollow tooth or at the side of it (Culex).”- BOENNING-HAUSEN- THUJA

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