First Aid Box Remedies in Homeopathy

First aid box medicine in Homoeopathy

Aconitum napellus – chill; effect of fear, shock.

Arnica montana – bruise, shock, contusion.

Arsenicum album – food poisoning; cold, gastro-enteritis.

Belladonna – mild sunstroke, headache, earache.

Bryonia alba – biliousness, liverishness, cold, chill, influenza, headache, constipation.

Calendula officinalis – cut and incised wound.

Carbo veg – indigestion, flatulence.

Causticum – burn.

Cantharides – burn.

Chamomilla – teething complaints; acute earache.

China – indigestion, diarrhoea.

Coffea – wakefulness, fainting from shock.

Eupatorium – saccharine poisoning; influenza.

Ferrum phos – earache.

Gelsemium – headache, chill, influenza, fear of examination.

Glonoine – headache due to heatstroke.

Hamamelis – bleeding from vein.

Hepar sulph – septic wound, extremely painful and tender to touch, boils.

Hypericum – laceration, crushing, pain in the coccyx after childbirth, or fall on the coccyx, injury to nerve.

Ignatia – nervousness, grief, shock and fainting.

Ipecacuanha – faintness with nausea, haemorrhage.

Iris – migraine.

Ledum – punctured wound, black eye.

Nux vomica – biliousness, vomiting.

Opium – headache.

Phosphorus – haemorrhage, after tooth extraction.

Pulsatilla – indigestion after fat; illness after getting feet wet; cold.

Rhus tox – sprain and strain.

Ruta – bruised periosteum, bone injury.

Silica – sepsis.

Symphytum – fracture.

Tarentula cubensis-boil, carbuncle.

Urtica urens – burn.

Vipera – nose-bleed.



Thuja – Warts.

Calendula officinalis – Wounds.

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