Fathers in Homeopathy

Father of MedicineHippocrates
Father of HomeopathySamual Hahnemann
Father of Experimental PharmacologyHahnemann
Father of Repertory/ Homoeopathic RepertoryBoenninghausen
Father of Clinical RepertoryJahr
Father of Indian RepertoryFather Muller
Father of Materia MedicaPedanius Dioscorides
Father of Homeopathic Materia MedicaHahnemann
Father of PharmacopoeiaValerius Cordus
Father of Homoeopathic PharmacopoeiaDr. Caspari
Father of Homeopathy in IndiaBabu Rajendra Lal Dutta
Father of Homeopathy in AmericaC. Hering
Father of Homeopathy in EnglandDr. F. F. Quin
Father of IsopathyW. Lux
Father of Homeopathic veterinary medicineW. Lux
Father of Modern Philosophy/ Empiricism/
Inductive and Deductive Logic
Lord Francis Bacon
Father of objective and realistic tradition in modern philosophyLord Bacon
Father of subjective and idealistic tradition in modern philosophyDescartes
Father of realism and the Scientific MethodAristotle
Father of Experimental PhysiologyGalen
Father of toxicologyParacelsus
Father of Chinese MedicineShen Nung
Father of Geology / Prince of PhysicianIBN SINA

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