Instruments of Importance in Public Health

Instrument → Use
Ice Lined Refrigerator (ILR) →Cold chain temperature maintenance
Dial Thermometer → Cold chain temperature monitoring
Horrock’s Apparatus → Chlorine demand estimation in water
Chlorinator, Chloronome → Mixing/regulating the dose of chlorine in water
Chloroscope → Measuring level of residual chlorine in drinking water
Winchester Quart bottle →Assess physical and chemical quality of drinking water
Kata Thermometer → Assess cooling power of air and air velocity (Latter Currently)
Anemometer → Assess air/wind velocity
Hygrometer and Sling Psychrometer → Assess air humidity (moisture content of air)
Assman Psychrometer → Assess air humidity (moisture content of air)
Mercurial Barometer → Atmospheric pressure
Anaeroid Barometer → Atmospheric pressure
Wind Vane → Assess air/wind direction
Salter’s scale → Field Instrument for Low Birth Weight (LBW)
Infantometer → Length of infants
Stadiometer → Height of adults
Shakir’s Tape → Mid-Arm Circumference (MAC)
Sound Level Meter → Measures intensity of sound
Band Frequency Analyzer → Characteristic of sound (pitch)
Audiometer → Hearing ability assessment

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