Special name/Nick name of some homoeopathic medicine

Homoeopathic antiseptic – Calendula

Homoeopathic dynamic antiseptic- pyrogen

Homoeopathic Lancet- Aconite

Homeopathic catheter- sabal serrulata

Eustachian catheter – Merc. dulc.

Homoeopathic trocar – Arsenic

Vegetable trocar – Apocynum

Vegetable sulphur – Lyco

Vegetable pyrogen – malaria officinalis

Vegetable calomel – Leptandra

Vegetable murcury- phyto (kent), podo (hughes)

Friend of Oculist- calcarea carb

Gregory’s powder- mag carb

Glauber’s salt – Natrum sulph

Hahnemann’s greatest polychrest remedy – nux vomica

Liver of Sulphur- hepar sulph

Schussler’s bone salt- calcarea Flour

Hahnemann’s compound – kali carb

Liver salt – natrum sulph

Schussler’s Pulsatilla- kali sulph

Sometimes makes the use of the catheter unnecessary- solidago

The weather cock among remedies- pulsatilla

Liquid knife- kali iod

Surgeon’s knife – Silicea

This irritant poison is commonly known as Lunar Caustic- argentum

Corrector of Blood dyscrasia- Echinacea

Nux-v symptoms in female- gratiola

Often does away with the use of the knife- myristica

Often replaces the use of the catheter- thalapsi

Aconite of chronic diseases- alumina

Aconite of renal system- solidago

Aconite of veins capillary system- hamamelis

Human Thermometer- merc sol

Known as “Bone-set- eupatorium

Human barometer- phosphorus, merc

Lack of vital heat in acute diseases- ledum pal

Lack of vital heat in chronic diseases- sepia

Digitalis of Lungs- aspidosperma

Digitalis of kidney – Solidago

Carbo veg of the surgeon- stramonium

“Arbor Vitae”a tree of life – thuja

Chamomilla of chronic diseases- gratiola

Railway spine – Bellis per

Washer women remedy – Sepia

Soldiers’s cap- Aconite

Iso-morphus with sulphur – Selenium

Pig remedy – Antim crud

Horse remedy – Arsenic

Sheep remedy – Pulsatilla

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