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Homeopathic Remedies Common name, Family & Prover – Allen’s keynotes

No. NAME COMMON NAME FAMILY/ CHEMICAL NAME/ GROUP PROVER 1 ABROTANUM Southernwood, lady’s love Compositae Cushing, devennter, gatchell 2 ACETIC …Read More

Profile PhotoThe Editor15/09/2021

Trios in Homoeopathic Materia Medica

Trio of Cholera : Camphor, Ver alb, Cup met (UPSC 20)Trio of Pain : Coffea, Chamomilla, AconiteTrio of Restlessness : …Read More

Profile PhotoThe Editor15/09/2021

Anatomy MCQs – asked questions

Q.1 : Blood supply of medulla A/E :  A : Ant spinal artery  B : Basilar Art.  C : Bulbar …Read More

Profile PhotoThe Editor10/09/2021

UPSC MEDICAL OFFICER 2020 – question with Answer

1. Pernicious anaemia is: (a) Microcytic normochromic (b) Microcytic hypochromic (c) Macrocytic normochromic (d) Macrocytic hypochromic Answer: (c) 2. Blackwater fever is …Read More

Profile PhotoThe Editor08/09/2021

AIAPGET 2017 – Question with answer key

QID : 1 – All of the following provide attachment of trapezius muscle except :Options:1) First rib2) Occiput3) Clavicle4) ScapulaCorrect …Read More

Profile PhotoThe Editor08/09/2021

AIAPGET 2018 – Questions with answer key

Q. No.: 101 – Muscles forming boundaries of digastric triangle are all exceptOptions:1) Anterior belly of digastric2) Posterior belly of …Read More

Profile PhotoThe Editor08/09/2021


1. Which of the following muscle has attachment on the capsule of hipjoint ?a. Sartoriusb. Rectus femorisc. Vastus laterlaisd. Vastus …Read More

Profile PhotoThe Editor08/09/2021

Relationship of Remedies from Allen’s Keynotes

      ABROTANUM After Hepar in furuncle; after Acon, and Bry. in pleurisy, when a pressing sensation remains in …Read More

Profile PhotoThe Editor08/09/2021

AIAPGET 2020 (Homoeopathy) – Questions with answers

Question ID:¬ 8 Thoracic duct drains the following areas except:¬ ?Options:¬-1)-Left lower limb , Option ID :¬ 302)-Left upper limb …Read More

Profile PhotoThe Editor08/09/2021

Dangerous areas in the body

Danger area of scalp: is the layer of Loose areolar tissue of scalp because emissary veins open here which may …Read More

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