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Apr 7,21

                 Food materials            Common adulterants Cereals such as wheat, rice Mud, grits, soapstone bits. Dals Coaltar dyes, khesari dal …

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Period of Communicability

Apr 4,21

Diseases – Isolation Period Chicken pox – 1-2 days before to 4-5 days after appearance of rash Diphtheria – 14-28 …

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Structure develops from different germ layers

Apr 3,21

1-  All are derived from ectoderm except? 1. Lens 2. Eustachian tube 3. Brain 4. Retina ************************************************** Answer 1 – …

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Brief Life History of William Boericke

Apr 1,21

William Boericke was born on October 25, 1849 in Austria. He studied for one year at the Vienna Medical School …

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Life History of James Tyler Kent (J. T. Kent)

Mar 31,21

James Tyler Kent was born on March 31, 1849 in Woodhull, New York as the son of Steven Kent and …

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