Food materials           Common adulterants
Cereals such as wheat, riceMud, grits, soapstone bits.
DalsCoaltar dyes, khesari dal
Haldi (Turmeric) powderLead chromate powder
Dhania powderStarch, cow dung or horse dung powder
Black pepperDried seeds of papaya,
Chilli powderSaw dust, brick powder
Tea dust/leavesBlackgram husk, tamarind seeds powder, saw dust, used tea dust
Coffee powderDate husk, tamarind husk, Chicory,
Asafoetida (Hing)Sand, grit, resins, gums
Mustard seedsSeeds of prickly poppy-Argemone
Edible oilsMineral oils, argemone oil,
ButterStarch, animal fat.
Ice -creamCellulose, starch, non-permitted colours,
SweetmeatsNon-permitted colours.
Fresh green peas in packingGreen dye
MilkExtraction of fat, addition of starch and water

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